Kimu is the manifestation of a timeless energy that pulses through me. It is an energy that connects my hands with the ceramics that they shape, honouring age-old traditions bestowed upon me by tribal ancestors. Defined by a minimalist palette, raw silhouettes, and a multi-functional purpose, each piece is individual, absolute and irreplaceable. 

Kimu flourished from my initial explorations across the sustainable fashion industry. Disenchanted with its negative social and environmental impact, I was drawn to ceramics and the malleability of clay. Its recyclable quality before it is fired – meaning that minimal material is wasted – perfectly aligned with my values, offering an unbounded freedom and a voice to my design vision. 

An expression of the versatile nature of clay and its timelessness, Kimu gracefully shapes the living spaces it is immersed in. Each ceramic speaks of exquisite quality and of an appreciation for creativity and for life itself. 

- Founder and Designer, Kimu


Each piece that emerges from our studio in Mosman and Marrickville is meticulously shaped using a mixture of hand throwing and hand building techniques. It is our belief that quality design should be the embodiment of both harmonious aesthetics and effortless practicality, translating into beauty that can be used and incorporated into your everyday. This is why we revere the design process, connecting deeply with it through the clay and the colours we use – in this way, each piece has a story to tell through its purpose. 


It is our deep belief that in all of what we do, we are to tread lightly across the environment. We are wholly and completely a part of nature, and by honouring it, we ultimately honour ourselves.

At Kimu, we create our own glazes and pigments, and strive to adopt non-toxic ingredients and materials across our creation process. As a studio, we have committed to purchasing our clay supplies from small, locally family-owned businesses whenever possible.

All Kimu pieces are stored, wrapped up and packaged in recycled plastic bags, paper and boxes.


Our ceramics emerge from a process that unfolds within a space infused and influenced by – amongst other things – the creativity of others. In the name of transparency and honesty, we strive to highlight the source of our ideas and throw a light on how a creation came to be from concept to creation.