It is our belief that quality design should be the embodiment of both harmonious aesthetics and effortless practicality, translating into beauty that can be used and incorporated into your everyday.

We want you to be confident in your purchase and make the most of your Kimu and Fenu Home pieces.

Please follow the below guidelines to assist in carefully caring for your forms:

  • The careful handling of your ceramics will extend the life of your pieces.
  • Most of our dinnerwares are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. To ensure longevity, we recommend handwashing your pieces. The incorrect washing of your ceramics may cause damage.
  • If you need to wash your pots and sculptural pieces, we recommend hand washing your piece with a clear soap and drying with a soft cloth. Some pieces do not require washing and can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth. Magic erasers will almost always remove a mark left by floral debris, but watching a piece age with use is a process we find beautiful and unique to each owner.

Thermal Shock

  • Sudden changes in temperature can result in damage. To reduce the possibility of thermal shock, please avoid sudden extreme temperature changes. If your piece is exposed to hot water, allow it to cool prior to using and refrain from pouring cold water into a hot vessel as this may cause cracking of the glaze or clay body.

Stoneware is a semi-porous substance, as is the nature of clay, so some light condensation on the bottom of the piece can be normal especially in the hotter months. Kimu and Fenu Home is not liable for marks left on surfaces that vessels may leave due to the nature of the medium.

Stoneware, though on the durable end of clay bodies, is susceptible to breakage if mishandled. Kimu and Fenu Home is not liable for broken pieces from mishandling.

If you have any further questions about caring for your pieces please email